Thursday, July 26, 2007

Editor's note...

Many of you have noticed that our blog posts, well, stopped after July 4th. You can take that as a solid indicator that we've been having a really, really good time. Also, for those who are interested in an update on Erin "Tough Guy" Bougie, she is doing really great - she even rode her bike today, after spending a few days without the neck brace. We van drivers will miss her company, but we're all so happy that she's doing better.

There are a few posts below which can give you an idea of some of the great stuff we've seen and done, but some of the best things aren't included because, well, we were having too much fun at the time to really think about writing a blog entry. Here's a quick summary:

July 6th: We rode into Hartville, WY (population 75), where we were fed incredible food by incredibly nice people for two full days. Our day off was sooo relaxing - we enjoyed visiting the oldest bar in Wyoming, and taking a trip to a nearby park where we swam, picknicked, and gave our bodies a break. Thanks also to the Yale club of Denver, who donated the delicious food which was very deliciously prepared by the wonderful folks in Hartville.

July 11th: We rode into Lander, WY, which was the biggest place we'd seen in a while. This was the day that Erin was injured, so we were all feeling pretty rough, but the town was lovely, and the church folks were so wonderful and supportive. Erin was kept overnight at a hospital in Casper, so while Darrow, Niko, Brian, and Saskia chilled with her there, the rest of us took an unexpected day off in Lander. The town was a lot of fun, especially since a huge climbing festival had just begun. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, we had a good day. We were so overjoyed when the van returned with a neck-braced Erin that an impromptu parking lot dance party ensued. We also owe a huge thank-you to the wonderful people in DuBois, who we were never able to meet because we were delayed by the hospital visit. They were so understanding and caring - they even left the picnic dinner they'd prepared us in the fridge so we could enjoy it when we arrived (which for many of us wasn't until two in the morning).

July 13th-16th: We were in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, which were amazing. At different times and in different groups, we hiked, canoed, swam, drank good coffee, saw Old Faithful, made s'mores, ate spaghetti off of Frisbee plates (thank you Youngsville!), went whitewater rafting, and saw an Imax movie about bears.

July 21st: We rode into Missoula, MT, which we'd long been looking forward to - some of us may have been expecting the streets to be lined with granola, and the faucets to flow with espresso. It was indeed a great hippy/outdoorsy/college town, and we had an awesome time tubing, checking out the sights, and hanging out with the wonderful people at the First Baptist Church who made us feel right at home.

So, that's the highlights reel. Tonight we're in Pomeroy, Washington (our first Pacific coast state!), and the people at Pomeroy Church of the Nazarene are really spoiling us. Dinner was awesome, and we're having a great time with the video games, pool tables, and big-screen TV in the church's basement.

Keeping it real,
Jessalee Landfried


Anonymous said...

Hello riders,
Glad everybody is doing well!!!!Erin B. you are very intelligent young women please don't do anything to soon.....I'm sure you were chomping at the bit to ride!!!Be safe, have fun and enjoy the rest of the journey. love shel

Judy Bougie said...

Hi! Everyone,
Nice to have the blog up and running again.I missed hearing about all your adventures!!Glad to hear "tough guy Bougie" is doing better.Hope she is riding her bike with permisssion from the DR.!Take care...the end is fast approaching.
Judy B.
Caribou, Maine

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating all of your fans on the HBC Central trek. You rock!
Lovr, Lumpy

ALT Allen (Brian's Mom) said...

Congratulations to all of you for an amazing trip!! May you carry these memories...the good and even the not so good...with you for the rest of your lives, along with the knowledge of the magnitude of what you accomplished. And now that you have seen it from coast to coast always remember how vast, beautiful, unique and magnificent this country truly is.

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