Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 18th: Virginia City, MT to Dillon, MT

We left the cozy comforts of Virginia City and set off for Dillon, MT. We had a smooth ride and stopped for lunch at the front of the Potter Ranch. We arrived in Dillon a bit early and explored the sights. Many of us enjoyed easily the best Mexican food of the trip at a bus that had been converted into a restaurant. Yummy burritos! We also found a Patagonia outlet store where some of us scored some great bargains. The dinner crew led by Darrow made awesome homemade pizza for dinner that we inhaled. We then settled in for the night, ready for another great day on the road.

And as an added bonus, a glossary of HBC Central terms:

Headwind – (n.) – the thing I dread the most. A harsh wind in our faces that slows us down considerably.

Altitude – (n.) – the number of feet above sea level we have climbed. I think our highest has been over 9300!

Brodeo, the – (n.) – the nickname for a group of the boys, who often do some silly things like carry spears and shields on their backs while riding.

Ice cream – (n.) – our favorite treat after a long day on the road. Virginia City may have had the best ice cream so far.

Trailer – (n.) – our beloved carrier of food, bags, and assorted things. It is blue and wonderfully painted by our leaders.

America, The United States of – (n.) – that large country we are crossing, which continues to surprise and impress me.

Team – (n.) – the term of affection we have for each other (probably started by Brian), even though this is not in any way, shape, or form, a competition. If it were, we would have lost.

Brew, micro – (n.) – I am a bit of a beer snob and love microbrews, which are beers that are made by local, small breweries. When we hit Chicago I was excited because I could then obtain my favorite, Fat Tire, and am always on the lookout for something new and great to try. Yum!

Interstates – (n.) – Don’t worry folks, we stay off these massive streets that are flooded with cars. We stick to the smaller highways. They are so much prettier.

Chart, the – (n.) – a powerpoint presentation that won me the Talent Show.

You – (n.) – every person that reads this blog, donated to Habitat, provided us with food, warmth, and shelter, wonders where we are, sends us goodies and cards on maildrops, and helps us spread the word about the good work of Habitat. Thanks to you for helping make this venture successful!

Chapstick – (n.) – the term we use with each other when we may say something we shouldn’t in churches. Oops!

Leaders - (n.) – Darrow, Jessalee, Niko, and Rob. The wonderful people who make this thing happen.

Early - (adj.) – As in the time of day we get up and hit the road. Usually we get up around 6. Yikes!

Chamois - (n.) – the pad on our spandex shorts. So important.

Haystack – (n.) – large collections of hay, that we frequently saw in Nebraska. The Brodeo enjoys climbing these, but this often results in rashes.

Alps – (n.) – a considerably harder challenge than the Rockies, which have kicked our butts.

Lunch – (n.) – a meal we eat on the road, which usually consists of peanut butter and jelly, any goodies that have been sent to maildrops, and if we are lucky, leftovers. I try to be as creative as possible when creating my lunch because PBJ is not really my thing.

Lack – (adj.) – as in “lack of employment.” There are a few of us who do not yet have jobs when we are done with this little adventure. So if you are looking for a journalist, social worker, environmental activist, etc. please contact one of us and we will happily be your paid employee.

Estrogen, Team – (n.) – a nickname given to some of the women on the trip as they ride together.

Nebrastika Fantastika – (n.) – Darrow’s name for our time in the great state of Nebraska. She (and others) organized some fun activities like the Talent Show and a photo scavenger hunt.

Gender – (n.) – As in “Gender is an illusion”. A phrase that Sara and Shira have reminded us of repeatedly, often with the use of chalk.

Elevation – (n.) – again, how high we are, which is directly proportional to the amount of oxygen in the air. Less oxygen = harder!

Oregon – (n.) – the great state we are quickly heading towards and which I called home for 5 years.

Town hall – (n.) – A weekly meeting in which we talk about any issues that have come up.
(v.) – to call someone out on something at the townhall meeting.

And as a side note, we love people leaving comments on blogs. In fact, particularly funny, witty, critical, and ridiculous comments are quickly known throughout the group. So if you seek infamy, please charm us with your wit and dazzle us with your prose. And more importantly, call people out!

-Rebecca Rebbe

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