Friday, July 6, 2007

June 28th: Jefferson, IA to Dunlap, IA

Our epic adventure to Dunlap, Iowa started like every other day. Everyone woke up promptly at 5 am and neatly packed their bags. We all ran about diligently finishing our morning chores before we could sit down to another amazing meal provided by the church. After thanking the church and packing the trailer we set out on our 86-mile day. The unusually cool temperatures immediately surprised us. A few of us guys had recently shaved our legs and with the absence of our natural leg warmers we were forced to wear synthetic. The ride itself was also a bit of a change from the usual. Instead of constant cornfields, the land was divided by pig farms, which we could recognize from miles by the smell. After about 30 miles we stopped for our first snack break.

Fueled by cookie dough and Chex Mix we set out into the hills with a fierce pace of about 18 mph. Not too long into the ride everyone instantly stopped to see a herd of miniature horses (not to be confused with ponies). After a good amount of time petting these small creatures we set out into the rolling hills of Iowa.

At 60 miles we made out second stop for lunch. When I arrived Nick was chasing Andy around with a dead possum. Most of us took a short nap to recharge before the short 26 miles ahead of us.

We were greeted at the church in Dunlap with smiling locals and ice cream cups. Dinner was an amazing feast of spaghetti and garlic bread. Afterwards Nick, Severin, David and I did some bouldering on a near-by wall. Most people went into town and made friends with the locals. Though there were many exciting things to do in Dunlap most of us retired to our Therma-rests to dream about tomorrow’s ride.

-Trevor Lyons

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Torrey said...

LAME!i waited all these weeks for this blog...and this is all i get... love you though. and i miss you.