Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 4th: Ogallala, NE to Oshkosh, NE

Happy Birthday, United States! We are biking across you and doing a good job!

Short ride this morning, 40 miles to the bright lights of Oshkosh, Nebraska. Jessalee took one for the team by cleaning up and pushing us out the door so that we would make it to town in time for the 4th of July parade.

Our ride was hilly but beautiful. We are now in the sandhills of the prairie. Sam and I saw a prairie dog. Some of the bizoys got a picture of themselves pretending to pace line in the middle of a wheat field. We had a quick snack and made it to Oshkosh in time to decorate our bikes with patriotic garb before the parade began.

We had red-white-and-blue streamers, flags, pinwheels, glittery things in the wheels, and our beautiful smiling faces. When we came down main street after the Shriners, we were announced to the crowd. Once we made it through the gauntlet we were able to enjoy cold water and the rest of the parade. One of the best floats was pulled by a llama. We scored lots of candy thrown from the floats.

After the parade ended we enjoyed a cookout with the kind folks of Oshkosh, as well as with numerous visitors who had traveled far to celebrate Independence Day in this fine urban center. Roast beef sandwiches…deeeelicious!!!!!!!

Even better was all the homemade pie awaiting us at the church after lunch!

The afternoon was really, really hot so we headed to the town pool along with the rest of the sweaty community. There was quite the diving competition. Some people tried to even out their crazy bike tan lines. All failed.

Dinner was another cookout with our Methodist hosts. Cinnamon brownies…..yuuuuuuuuuuumy.

The fireworks were wicked impressive. A good time was had by all. We whooped along with the locals in appreciation.

We ate more pie!

Then slept!


Sara Schiffman Joseph
Graduate, the University of North Carolina
Occupation: biker
ASL: 22; gender is an illusion; Nebraska
Status: Butt hurting


Judy Bougie said...

Thursday, July 12th. Just got the news about Erin B's accident.Hope the next writer provides us with an update.Glad to hear she will continue the trip with all her fellow Bobcats even though she will be riding in the van with a neck brace and not bicycling.You are one lucky lady!Keep your spirits high Erin and don't drive the people in the van nuts!I will pray that all stay more accidents!

lil said...

Glad to hear that Erin will be alright. You are one tough biker! Our prayers are with all of you for a very safe remainder of the trip. And from Brian's mom to Erin's mom: Hang in there Mom, they'll be home soon!

Judy Bougie said...

This message is for Brian's mom, Lil. Nice hearing from you! Yes, Erin is one tough biker.I'm sure she's very disappointed that she has to finish the trip in the van and not sitting on her bike!I'm hanging in there the best I can under the circumstances. Thanks for the encouraging message and for the prayers! Judy B.

Anonymous said...

Hi all bikers,

Northern Mainers are concerned and anxious to hear about Erin B since her accident. Appears that the blog has not been updated since July 4th. Our prayers are with you all!

Elaine J.