Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June 11th: Youngsville, PA to Conneaut, OH

I will get the most important information about the day over with first: Brian is still alive and kicking. His speedometer even broke 18 mph today. Go Team! Now, back to the epic journey. Today was our last day in Pennsylvania. Score. Pennsylvania is a great state but it was definitely time to leave and start exploring other states. Our 77 mile day started off by actually sleeping somewhat in today (6:30! Woot woot!!) and had a delicious breakfast from the Methodist church. We got a little side tracked on the route. First, we passed a house with a “Free Kittens” sign on the lawn. Because of everyone’s love for cute and fuzzy kittens, we had to stop and play with the little rascals. Our second stop of the day was in Corry, Pennsylvania, home of the one and only Liz Ferro. We took a little side trip and visited Liz’s house and her cute dog. Because of our little side trips, the group was a little behind schedule. After scarfing down some lunch, the entire group pedaled quickly towards the Pennsylvania/Ohio border and was more than overjoyed to see the “Welcome to Ohio” sign. Pennsylvania did not want to give Trevor up though. Because of allergies, Trevor was almost blind. He also got stung by a bee and then lost a nose piece off of his sunglasses. When we finally arrived at the Church of Christ in Conneaut, Ohio, Trevor got a flat tire. Rough. The church members provided us with a delicious meal and even volunteered to drive us out to the shore of Lake Erie and watch the sun set. It truly was a great day to be a bobcat.

Go Team!

-Erin Bougie


Anonymous said...

Hi Erin B and Team,

Nice write up on June 11th. I am hoping that this trek across this beautiful country fulfills your expectations and gives you reflection time. As you experience events during this wonderful journey, always know that your family(ies)are very proud and keeping you in our prayers. Be thankful that we all have the individual freedom to do this in the first place.

Keep trekking!!
E. Jellison

Ryan K. said...

I'd just like to say that Brian Allen is a kind man because he lets everyone think that this is his first time doing this, but in reality he could outpace every single person on the trip. He has muscles of iron and a heart of thunder. Many cultures actually refer to him as the Mighty Kublos, some kind of titan/deity figure. His appetite is legendary, as he has been known to swallow entire elephants in a fit of hunger. Heed my warning: do not jest at Kublos' expense, for he will be the one who laughs last.

Johnny Cash said...

Wow! You folks write so well! it's descriptive, concise, and filled with 'word pictures' that one can almost reach out and touch! Great! Go Habitat! It is also, one must say, a bit of a surprise to learn that "Brian" lives to ride yet another day. Sad, tho, to learn of the passing somewhere near cleveland(?)of his trusted and ever-faithful cell. Surely, "Brian" aka "Kublos" is up to finding another trusted sidekick? Inquiring minds need to know.

Peggy S. said...

Hi to all the Central Team. This is my first time in a blog, and it took Lindsay to get me here. I have just glanced over the all the comments, but I know what I will be doing this weekend.

Keep up the good work. What an experience all of you are having. Give Lindsay a hug from Aunt Peggy

Anonymous said...

Judging from the other comentas it is obvious that you are all great ambassadors for Habitat. Keep up the good work. I am realing enjoying these blogs. It is a great way to see the progress you are making and to keep up with what you are experiencing,
And Brian, keep up the great job!
Good luck to all!
The old lady

shel said...

Erin Bougie and fellow riders, You are all an inspiration to all bikers.
What you are doing is so exciting I wish I could join in. I'm with you all the way in thought and prayer. Love Shellie from
Caribou, Maine