Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 22nd: DeKalb, IL to Morrison, IL

Our blockbuster journey continued today as we trecked from De Kalb to Morrisson. As we say goodbye to De Kalb, we must thank our wonderful hosts at the De Kalb Church of Christ for generous accommodations. Also, much appreciation to Toby and crew from North Central Cyclery for free tune-ups and leading us out for the first ten miles.

The ride today was 70 miles through a rolling sea of corn. Illinois was kind enough to provide us with generous tailwinds to thrust us along. The burrito stop from yesterday also provided a few riders with the nourishment necessary to spin their legs in circles for long periods of time. The award for quick thinking today goes to Alex, who thwarted an attack by an ferocious Australian cattle dog. He proved to be as able with a water bottle as he is with the piano keys.

Our lunch stop today was through the scenic Dixon, hometown of Ronald Reagan. Glimpses of his childhood home and a large section of the Berlin Wall twinged our American pride, and distracted us into taking an extra long lunch break. After lunch we were motivated to make it to our next church on time, but watchful for communists who stood in our way.

Tomorrow we all look forward to crossing the Mississippi and waving goodbye to the marvelous state of Illinois.

-Matt Morrin

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