Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 24: Lisbon, IA to Tama, IA

Today we started our first full day in Iowa singing a rocking rendition of Dar Williams' appropriately titled, but actually very depressing song, "Iowa." Actually most people booed, but we listened anyway. Those of us who payed attention to the lyrics were well prepared for the rolling hills of Iowa that we encountered, which were very beautiful. Rob flagged down another bicyclist in the morning who happened to be doing a cross-country ride also, but in the opposite direction of us, and all by himself! After yesterday's stormy ride, today was pretty calm and uneventful, which left everyone with enough energy to conduct a massive cleanup and reorganization effort of the trailer, and laundry crew folded each person's laundry for them, which was amazing.

The midwest feels different from the eastern towns we passed through: They are less old, more spread out, and most of what we see is corn and railroads. The road we have been paralleling is Highway 30, also known as the Lincoln highway, which was the first transcontinental road in the US.

In other new developments, we are learning that farm dogs either really hate or really love bicyclists (we haven't waited around to figure out which) and will chase us to the death. The best way to ward them off is to squirt water bottles at them.

-Shira Miller

P.S. Sara and I went parasailing again today.

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